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Lawn Care Services in Jordan, MN

Trust Precision Yard Services Co’s comprehensive lawn care program. From our meticulous sod installation to our  tried-and-true five-step fertilizer program our family-run business leverages over 25 years of experience to ensure your lawn is lush, healthy, and beautifully maintained all of the time. We’re here to help you enjoy a greener, more vibrant outdoor space.

Lawn Care and Maintenance Services

mowing the grass


Precision cuts for a tidy lawn. Regular mowing promotes healthy, thick grass for an attractive, lush outdoor space.
closeup of a hand with seeds, dropping them on the soil


We professionally seed your lawn to improve density and fill in bare spots, establishing a lush, green landscape.
gardener rolling natural grass in a residential backyard

Sod Installation

Fast-track your way to a full, green lawn. We expertly install sod, providing immediate coverage and high-quality grass.
gardener spraying pesticide using a portable sprayer to eradicate garden weeds

Weed Control

Don’t let weeds take over your lawn. Our effective weed control methods keep unwanted plants at bay, allowing your grass to thrive.
closeup of lawn scarifier, lawn aeration enhance soil water intake


We offer lawn aeration services to enhance soil water uptake, reduce soil compaction, and stimulate root growth for a healthier lawn.

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What Our Customers Say

Paula Moore
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"Brad had a vision for our rotted out railroad tie landscaping that no one else was able to present to us. Adam and the rest of the team were attentive, professional and exceeded our expectations. We intend to use your services again to replace our lower patio. Thank you. The Moores."
Mike Bravo
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"I very highly recommend Precision Yard Services!! We had such a great experience with them. Brad was very involved and walked us thru each step of the project. We felt very secure that the project was going to be done in the best way possible, and could not be happier with the outcome!!"
Jamie Jeffries
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"They treat me like a young boss some what like family this is a good company and I've actually learned a lot from the two bosses who gave me the opportunity to work with them they also give good advice on whatever and support I love these guys"
a gardener walking and spreading fertilizers on the lawn

Lawn Seeding

A thick, lush lawn doesn’t happen by accident. At Precision Yard Services, we know that professional seeding can make all the difference. Whether you’re looking to improve the density of your existing grass or need to establish a new lawn, we’ve got you covered. Our expert team strategically seeds your lawn to fill in bare spots and promote healthy growth. We use high-quality seed blends suited to your specific soil and light conditions, ensuring the best possible results. With our professional seeding services, you can enjoy the vibrant, green lawn you’ve always wanted.

Lawn Mowing

Regular mowing is essential for maintaining a healthy and attractive lawn. Precision Yard Services offers professional mowing services designed to keep your lawn looking its best. Our trained crew provides precise cuts that promote healthy, thick grass growth and create a tidy, well-kept appearance. We adjust mowing heights according to the season and your specific type of grass, ensuring optimal health and growth. With our reliable and thorough mowing services, you can enjoy a beautiful lawn without the hassle of doing it yourself.
a guy mowing his lawn, flower shrubs and wood fence at the background

Sod Installation

If you want an instant lawn, sod installation is the way to go. Precision Yard Services provides expert sod installation services for homes and businesses. Whether you’re installing a new lawn or replacing an old one, our team ensures the job is done right. We prepare the ground thoroughly, leveling the area and removing any old or dead turf.
Then, we roll out high-quality sod in a staggered line to avoid visible seams. We even staple pieces on hillsides to prevent movement. With our professional sod installation, you can enjoy a full, green lawn in no time.
closeup of gardener laying sod grass in the front lawn
closeup of gardener laying sod grass, repairing the lawn
gardener spraying pesticide with portable sprayer to eradicate garden weeds in the lawn

Weed Control

Weeds can be a real nuisance, competing with your plants for nutrients and spoiling the appearance of your lawn. At Precision Yard Services, we offer effective weed control solutions to keep your lawn weed-free and healthy. Our trained team can identify and target common and persistent weeds, using proven methods to eliminate them without harming your lawn or the environment. We also provide preventive measures to stop weed infestation before it starts, helping to maintain the beauty and health of your lawn.

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Lawn Aeration

Lawn aeration is a crucial part of lawn care that promotes healthier grass. The process involves making small holes in the soil to allow air, water, and nutrients to penetrate the grass roots. This helps the roots grow deeply and produce a stronger, more vigorous lawn.
At Precision Yard Services, we offer professional lawn aeration services to enhance the overall health and beauty of your lawn. Our team uses state-of-the-art equipment and techniques to ensure effective aeration that supports lush and vibrant grass growth.
a gardener with one foot on the gardening fork ready for aeration
well maintained lawn, grass with fertilizers, gorgeous landscaping of the shrubs and trees

5-Step Fertilizing Program

A well-fed lawn is healthier, greener, and has a better ability to fend off pests, diseases, and environmental stresses. At Precision Yard Services, we provide professional fertilizing services to keep your lawn nourished and vibrant. Our trained team understands the specific nutrient requirements of different types of grass and can customize a fertilizing plan to meet your lawn’s unique needs.

We use high-quality, slow-release fertilizers that feed your lawn over time, promoting steady, sustained growth. Whether it’s spring green-up or fall preparation, our comprehensive fertilizing services can help your lawn look its best in every season. Trust us to provide the necessary nutrients to keep your lawn lush, healthy, and beautiful.

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