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Spring/Fall Cleanup Services in Jordan, MN

As Minnesota residents, we know that seasonal changes can leave your yard needing some extra care. Our Spring and Fall Cleanup Services are designed to get your outdoor space back in shape, remove debris, prepare your lawn, and ensure your property is ready for the season ahead. Let’s spruce up your yard together!

Spring/Fall Cleanup Services We Offer


Spring Cleanup Services

Kick off the growing season with our comprehensive cleanup. We remove winter debris, prepare your lawn, and make your yard spring-ready.
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Fall Cleanup Services

Before winter sets in, we clear your property of fallen leaves and prepare your yard for the cold months, ensuring a healthier spring return.

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What Our Customers Say

Paula Moore
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"Brad had a vision for our rotted out railroad tie landscaping that no one else was able to present to us. Adam and the rest of the team were attentive, professional and exceeded our expectations. We intend to use your services again to replace our lower patio. Thank you. The Moores."
Mike Bravo
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"I very highly recommend Precision Yard Services!! We had such a great experience with them. Brad was very involved and walked us thru each step of the project. We felt very secure that the project was going to be done in the best way possible, and could not be happier with the outcome!!"
Jamie Jeffries
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"They treat me like a young boss some what like family this is a good company and I've actually learned a lot from the two bosses who gave me the opportunity to work with them they also give good advice on whatever and support I love these guys"

Seasonal Tree Care

At Precision Yard Services, we provide comprehensive Seasonal Tree Care to ensure the health and beauty of your trees all year round. Our expert team performs regular pruning, disease control, and targeted maintenance tailored to the specific needs of each season. Whether it’s preparing your trees for winter dormancy, ensuring vigorous growth in spring, or maintaining their health during the hot summer months, we’ve got you covered. We work with both residential and commercial properties, always aiming to prolong the life of your trees and enhance your landscape’s overall aesthetic. Trust us to keep your trees in top condition throughout the seasons.
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Spring Cleanup Services

As the winter subsides, our spring cleanup service helps rejuvenate your yard and prepare it for the warmer months ahead. We clear away the debris accumulated over winter and take care of the initial mowing and edging of your lawn. We also handle the pruning of your trees and shrubs, preparing your plants for new growth. Our crew meticulously manages the details to ensure your landscape is ready for its springtime debut. We’re committed to giving you a clean, healthy, and welcoming yard for you to enjoy throughout the spring and summer.

Fall Cleanup Services

At Precision Yard Services, our Fall Cleanup Services help prepare your property for the winter months. Our dedicated team ensures leaves are cleared, debris is removed, and your garden is pruned and prepped. We focus on both residential and commercial properties, taking the hassle out of autumn cleanups. Whether you’re a homeowner or run a commercial establishment, you can trust us to leave your outdoors looking neat, tidy, and winter-ready. It’s all about delivering top-quality services to meet your special needs. Let us handle the hard work so you can enjoy the beauty of fall without the fuss.
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